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About Bit68

Established in late 2014, Bit68 has already left a mark in the web development scene and has managed to create a well-established portfolio in a small span of time. It is proud to have successfully launched various websites for reputable businesses and continues to grow day by day. Bit68 strives to be the leading web developer in Egypt, generating relevant content and user-friendly platforms.

Dynamic & Responsive

Latest Technologies

Free Maintenaince

What Bit68 offers

We provide technology related services that cover the scope of the market.

Web Development

Whether you are new in the business field or an already established company, Bit68 will help you develop a dynamic and easy to update website that is user-friendly and that creates a smooth experience for the visitors to return.

Mobile App Development

Any business should implement an App that is consistent with the business' vision and that enables their customers to be involved in the easiest and most enjoyable way possible. Bit68 will gladly build a cross platform mobile app for your business that is both lightweight and dynamic.


You have the content ready but you do not know how to display it online for you audience to see? Bit68 is there to help you make the right decisions for your business. Each business will be researched and strategies will be adopted to grow the business and have a larger reach.


Bit68 automatically provides its clients with free Search Engine Optimization - SEO, across all pages of the project.

Maintenance & Support

Bit68 provides its clients with lifetime free maintenance and support. It also allows them to make small changes to their websites for free*

Online Payment

Bit68 will gladly integrate online payments into your e-commerce website at no extra cost**

Looking for other services?

Tell us what you have in mind.

We are more than willing to form a team from our large network in order to be able to fit your project/product.